Wednesday Workout #4

Here’s a great, effective workout that doesn’t require any equipment. Your legs, butt and abs will thank you!

Using your stairs at home to warm up for 2 minutes, step up, up then down, down. If you don’t have access to stairs you can also use a sturdy step stool.

Now we are on to the fun:

  • Lunges: Forward lunge to a side squat to a back lunge. Use the same leg and repeat 10x then switch sides.
  • Abs: On the floor, laying down, keeping your legs together lift them straight up in the air. Reach up toward your feet, keeping your belly to the spine. Repeat this 10x
  • Remaining on the floor, keep your legs straight and together, draw the letters of the alphabet in the air with your legs. You will never be so happy to see “Z”!
  • Lay back and give your abs a good stretch
  • Roll over and stretch your quads by bringing your foot to your bum. You should feel this down the front of your thigh. Do this for each leg. Hold each stretch for 20-30 seconds.

Happy Wednesday!!


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