Easiest Summer Salad Ever!


Seriously! 1 can of chick peas – rinsed well 1 can of black beans – rinsed well 1 bunch of cilantro – chopped 4 large roasted red peppers – diced Toss together! Told you it was easy! Cook your own beans if you choose, healthier, but canned is still faster than the drive thru. Watch the ingredients on your roasted red peppers (peppers, water, vinegar, salt, sugar nothing more). You may choose a little less cilantro to start. I love it (used to hate it!) It is so beautifully aromatic. This bunch was from our CSA, so wonderful. Season as you choose, maybe a little red wine vinegar or balsamic. Maybe some fresh lemon. Or just enjoy it as is. It will keep in the fridge for a few days and tastes even better the second day I find 🙂


Be a Leader


What better time then the summer to get out and adventure, discover new paths and try new things. Make sure the memories you create this summer aren’t all indoor ones…unless of course it’s a blanket fort to “camp out” from the rain in…then that’s cool! Enjoy!

How My Garden Grows…


Our raspberries are starting to come in. There really is something special about being able to head out to the back yard and pick fresh berries to snack on. In the summer of 2011 we planted two canes. That’s all. Two spindly bare little canes. We may have ended up with 8 or 10 berries that year. We were happily surprised last year when a large patch came up. This year we have a patch approximately 2 feet by 8 feet!! They have taken over where we normally plant our tomatoes, but that’s ok. The tomatoes have been potted this year instead.

Is there space in your yard to share? How about in a corner of your balcony? There are tonnes of options when it comes to planting fruits and veggies. Container gardening options abound if you are limited for space and even if you aren’t!

I love my raspberries because I do not have a green thumb. I wish I did but I do much better with plants that are self sufficient. I can’t wait to try the tomatoes growing on the plant that decided to grow out of our composter! I figure any plant that determined will provide some tasty fruit. True survival of the fittest!