Sometimes it’s all about baby steps



Tending the Garden

mind is a garden

Our thoughts are at the forefront of our success or failure. Our happiness or sadness. Some days are easier then others, such is the nature of life. Choose to cultivate the flowers on the sunny days, and focus on the blooms on the rough ones. Remember, wellness isn’t just about nutrition and fitness, it’s also about getting the heart, mind and soul to a place of peace and strength.

Fruit…the original fast food!


These are two of my lovelies super pumped after picking strawberries at a local farm. We are so lucky to have many pick your own farms within a short driving distance of our home.

But this is so much more than fresh picked berries. It was time with my husband, fresh air, memories with the girls, connecting with friends (an unexpected surprise to bump into two of them also there picking), supporting local farmers and an all-around great day. Talk about bang-for-your-buck!!

There are still lots of days left to get out and adventure. Find a farm, support your neighbours and enjoy the day. You never know what treasures you’ll come away with!