Sometimes it’s all about baby steps



Working on Some Summer Memories

Heading to the drive-in with the hubby and girls. Off to see the minions!

Apple’s, rice crackers, cashews, water and greens juice all packed for snacks. But it’s a slow transition for our kids some days so there’s a chocolate bar each and some cookies as well.

Hoping the rain holds off and we get a few slides in at the playground before it all gets started. What kind of summer memories are you making?


How My Garden Grows…


Our raspberries are starting to come in. There really is something special about being able to head out to the back yard and pick fresh berries to snack on. In the summer of 2011 we planted two canes. That’s all. Two spindly bare little canes. We may have ended up with 8 or 10 berries that year. We were happily surprised last year when a large patch came up. This year we have a patch approximately 2 feet by 8 feet!! They have taken over where we normally plant our tomatoes, but that’s ok. The tomatoes have been potted this year instead.

Is there space in your yard to share? How about in a corner of your balcony? There are tonnes of options when it comes to planting fruits and veggies. Container gardening options abound if you are limited for space and even if you aren’t!

I love my raspberries because I do not have a green thumb. I wish I did but I do much better with plants that are self sufficient. I can’t wait to try the tomatoes growing on the plant that decided to grow out of our composter! I figure any plant that determined will provide some tasty fruit. True survival of the fittest!

Tending the Garden

mind is a garden

Our thoughts are at the forefront of our success or failure. Our happiness or sadness. Some days are easier then others, such is the nature of life. Choose to cultivate the flowers on the sunny days, and focus on the blooms on the rough ones. Remember, wellness isn’t just about nutrition and fitness, it’s also about getting the heart, mind and soul to a place of peace and strength.