How My Garden Grows…


Our raspberries are starting to come in. There really is something special about being able to head out to the back yard and pick fresh berries to snack on. In the summer of 2011 we planted two canes. That’s all. Two spindly bare little canes. We may have ended up with 8 or 10 berries that year. We were happily surprised last year when a large patch came up. This year we have a patch approximately 2 feet by 8 feet!! They have taken over where we normally plant our tomatoes, but that’s ok. The tomatoes have been potted this year instead.

Is there space in your yard to share? How about in a corner of your balcony? There are tonnes of options when it comes to planting fruits and veggies. Container gardening options abound if you are limited for space and even if you aren’t!

I love my raspberries because I do not have a green thumb. I wish I did but I do much better with plants that are self sufficient. I can’t wait to try the tomatoes growing on the plant that decided to grow out of our composter! I figure any plant that determined will provide some tasty fruit. True survival of the fittest!


Tending the Garden

mind is a garden

Our thoughts are at the forefront of our success or failure. Our happiness or sadness. Some days are easier then others, such is the nature of life. Choose to cultivate the flowers on the sunny days, and focus on the blooms on the rough ones. Remember, wellness isn’t just about nutrition and fitness, it’s also about getting the heart, mind and soul to a place of peace and strength.

Happy 4th of July!


Wishing all our American neighbours a wonderful Independence Day! Loved this tribute to the flag.

Doh!! Sorry to all, that’s what I get for trying to post from my phone. Here is a picture of the flag that I thought was great!

Fruit…the original fast food!


These are two of my lovelies super pumped after picking strawberries at a local farm. We are so lucky to have many pick your own farms within a short driving distance of our home.

But this is so much more than fresh picked berries. It was time with my husband, fresh air, memories with the girls, connecting with friends (an unexpected surprise to bump into two of them also there picking), supporting local farmers and an all-around great day. Talk about bang-for-your-buck!!

There are still lots of days left to get out and adventure. Find a farm, support your neighbours and enjoy the day. You never know what treasures you’ll come away with!

Surround Yourself…

advice and encouragement

This is a quote from Dave Ramsey who is the author of Financial Peace University and is a major force in learning how to get and live debt free. He is a guru in the financial field. But it’s tough love and not for the faint of heart…along with Gail Vaz-Oxlade, they are two of the best resources for applicable financial (and many life) lessons.

I find this quote so applicable to life in general. Have you ever had the experience of being in a great mood, then after spending time with “happiness suckers” feeling dragged down and tired. I’m still trying to find a way to be stronger than those people. Sometimes it’s easy – you just don’t hang around them. Other times it may be co-workers, family members or other people who you can’t avoid spending time with.

I think this is one of the reasons that I love exercise classes. More often than not you are with a group of like-minded¬†people, and if you have a regular group you build relationships that encourage and support one another. You see each other grow and can support each other as you reach new physical, and often emotional, heights. You become accountable to one another when you haven’t shown up in a while. And possibly one of the greatest motivators is increasing the “happiness” factor! Exercise may wear you down and tire you out, but I have never met a person who wasn’t in a better mood post-workout then before they started.

If you aren’t finding that in your group class – branch out. See what other opportunities there are out there. Try a new exercise¬†modality, join a running group, karate dojo, tai chi class, boot camp… The opportunities are there and they are worth it!