Happy June!

This morning my oldest daughter came to me and said, “I don’t know what it is about a new month, but I just love when I have a fresh calendar page!”. What can I say, the girl comes by it honestly. As I’ve talked about in the past I love the opportunity that a new month brings. Awhile back I recommended picking one thing to focus on each month. You can refresh your memory, or check it out for the first time in this post here.

For June I am focusing on planning and actually scheduling my workouts. As I’ve mentioned before I work shifts and now that I’m back to commuting my time is even more precious. I have big plans for the month of July so between that and life getting away from me some days, it is extra important that I make a plan. I was reviewing the goals I had set in a past post and things have been adjusted a little. But that needs to be part of our life. We have to be flexible and open to change, as long as that change isn’t one that completely derails us from a long-term plan.

Here is a picture of my calendar. Nothing fancy, it is written in pencil. I have my scheduled shifts written (the “D” and “N”s) and I’ve used Get Movin’s schedule for the next 8 weeks and picked the classes that best suit my schedule. I’ve also included my runs and TRX workouts.


It’s written in pencil because on some days there are two options. With overtime shifts that pop up I have to be able to change things sometimes. For example – I can run on the treadmill at work and bring my TRX so those are an option depending on the workout I may miss. I also am being very conscious of my sleep requirements. There may be days when my “wellness” routine is actually sleeping instead of a workout. I work 14 hour night shifts with a 2+ hour round trip commute. Four of those in a row, means that my body can get fairly run down. I’ve suffered burn out before – without knowing it until it was in my rearview mirror. Now I know the signs and how to avoid it, and I will at all costs. It doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Just that I am more conscious of how I need to take care of myself. And what was it G.I. Joe always said: “Knowing is half the battle!”

I’ll also be planning our families meals for the month. Even more focused will be my own. We’ll be having our family sit-down tomorrow to discuss the month ahead. Perhaps I’ll share that later in the week!

Think about incorporating one simple thing into your month. Increasing your water, if you haven’t already done that. Checking out the seasonal fruits and veggies that will be starting to appear before long. Getting out and walking a new trail or going for a bike ride. Picking up a sketch book and pencil and sketching the flowers you find. There is nothing like drawing nature to make you focus on all the intricacies and fine details you will often miss in a hurried day.

Enjoy the sunshine and summer evenings that are here to stay….at least for a while!


Wednesday Workout #11

With the weather warming up (most days!) here’s a great leg and cardio workout to get you outside and moving. Jump into your backyard or hit a local park. Have kids? Let them play on the playground while you take time to get fit!

After you warm up, run the length of your back yard or a pre-determined distance in the park, touching down each time. Repeat this four times. Next walking over head lunges for 20 lunges, then 20 squats and finish with 20 mountain climbers. Then of course, repeat! Cool down, stretch and enjoy the rest of your day!!

Let’s Rock This Month!!

I’m back!! Thanks to all who have asked how things are going. My apologies for missing most of the month of March. As I’ve expressed I’m an all or nothing girl, and when I realized that I was facing my 100th post (Yes, that’s right! This is the 100th post!) I admittedly became a little overwhelmed. What was I going to talk about? What should I cover? What have I missed? What would make this post extra special? And so I froze, next thing you know several days had passed, and well, I hit that slump that tends to go with my personality – but I’m working on it.

I’ve thought about this blog daily, I’ve been studying and researching so I have some great things to bring forward in the next few months. I have also set a new fitness goal for myself…curious? Check out this link if you would like to see what I’ll be doing on a lovely July weekend this year:


So my training will be certainly getting kicked up a notch or three 🙂

I’ve been keeping with my running, and I am excited to say my daughter is going with me for some of the runs as she is trying out for the cross-country team at her school. I am trying to find the right balance of encouragement for her without seeming pushy. I remember being her age and wanting to run, I would have loved to have had someone beside me saying I was doing a great job, all I had were the voices saying I couldn’t.

What are your plans for this lovely month? The weather is warming up, the tulips and lilies are poking their way through the soil. There is still that chance of snow, so get out and enjoy the fresh air on the days the sun is shinning!

So happy to be back, we’ll chat soon

xo Suzanne

“The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear.”
~ Brian Tracy ~

Wednesday Workout #9

Another at home workout pyramid, get out the timer, put on some tunes and get sweaty!

Here we go:
On your stairs…up up down down for 1 minute to warmup. Then repeat fast for one min.

The exercises:
Jumping jacks, push ups and….haven’t had these in awhile…burpees!
Work from 10 down to 1. If your not sure how this works, see some of the past Wednesday workouts for info.

Finish with up up down down slowly on the stairs to cool down.

Don’t forget to stretch.