Tending the Garden

mind is a garden

Our thoughts are at the forefront of our success or failure. Our happiness or sadness. Some days are easier then others, such is the nature of life. Choose to cultivate the flowers on the sunny days, and focus on the blooms on the rough ones. Remember, wellness isn’t just about nutrition and fitness, it’s also about getting the heart, mind and soul to a place of peace and strength.


Happy Monday!!

It’s a beautiful day looking out my window so I’m hoping to get a run in on the trails today. See if I can get another glimpse at the trilliums before they are gone for another year.

Starting my day with a banana-raspberry-kale and walnut smoothie made with coconut water…how are you starting your morning? I have a feeling on this holiday Monday some of you could use at least the coconut water. Great source of hydration and electrolyte replacement…especially if the night before included one too many alcoholic beverages!

I’m excited to be back on track!


Don’t Quit!


Love this!! I think I may print off multiple copies and post them around. In front of my spin bike, on the wall of the exercise room at my work, I’d love to even see this on an exercise mat!

Just remember to keep going!! Every time your lungs breath deeper, every time your biceps curl more weight, every time you power out one more squat or crunch, every time you walk for another five minutes, you are getting stronger and you are further then where you started! Don’t quit, because that truly is something to be proud of!

Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches

Some of you may have already seen the “Real Beauty Sketches” in Dove’s new campaign. If you haven’t yet here is the link so you can take a look.


I thought it was really well done. Is it a marketing campaign? Of course! But, that doesn’t take away from the message. How often do we beat ourselves up for the imperfections that often only we can see? If you had to describe yourself, would you be as kind and loving to yourself as you would a stranger?

This ad has received mixed reviews, but I think most women and even men may be able to find a little bit of themselves in this. Regardless, it’s definitely providing food for thought and opening conversation.