Have you taken time to enjoy today?

I’ve mentioned in other posts how I love to scrapbook. I have been spending the last few days trying to rearrange our front room on a very tight budget ($0!). It’s a challenging space because anyone who comes to our front door looks right into it. It needs to be a multi-purpose room. It is where my “office” space will be when I start taking clients, as well as for my studies. It is also where I will do any crafting and will have to store all my supplies. The kids of course will find their way into the room as it doesn’t have a door I can close and I want it to be a place where I can sit and read. Oh, and it’s where my daughter’s keyboard is that she practices piano on!! Did I mention it’s only about 10×14?!?!

By dinner tonight I was a bit of a bear due to the self imposed stress of trying to arrange this “perfect” room and of course it came out on the kiddies. After apologies and tucking them in I once again returned to the room. As I was trying to arrange some items that were important to me and that I wanted to display I came across an 8×8 album I made about how I was in 2010 (now I’m coming around to the scrapbooking connection!). That was a tough year for me, and this is one of the pages:


The photo is of a plaque on a bench in a park we often hike at. It reads
“Each day is a gift. Take time to enjoy it.”
I wonder about the person who arranged to have that plaque placed on that bench. I wonder if they realized the gift they gave, when leaving that reminder for us. And no, I didn’t take the time…but the day isn’t over. I think I will make a tea and spend some time looking through some albums. I also think I may try to incorporate that quote into my “decorating”. I have been thinking about a space or board for inspirational quotes. That one should definitely make it! There’s no point stressing and more tonight about decorating, after all, the room will still be there tomorrow. And maybe, with that quote fresh in my mind, and rested eyes, I can enjoy the process as a gift!

Sleep tight everyone! Don’t forget tomorrow morning is a lovely, fresh new calendar page! January has zipped by, here’s to an exciting February!